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Psychologist Howard Gardner conducted extensive studies on very different subjects: talented people, geniuses, people who have suffered damage to the brain, so-called idiots savants, normal adults, experts from various professions and people from different cultures. Trying to find out how are intelligent people, and went on to describe eight types of intelligence.

Verbal intelligence or the intelligence of the word, requires the ability to speak or write. A person with this type of intelligence can easily learn many languages. It may be somebody with talent orator or writer. Verbal intelligence is the ability to use language to achieve certain goals. Those who have such intelligence can be good writers, journalists, diplomats, negotiators, sellers, translators, lawyers, etc..

Logical-mathematical intelligence involves the ability to analyze. It is their understanding and logical problem solving, mathematical operations. Such acquired enables the easy to do scientific research and statistical calculations. In this type of intelligence often focused efforts to develop psychological tests measuring.

In general psychology is not accurate measuring tools, evaluation. Many have regarded this as "drama" of the profession and were stubborn to develop such tools. And much of their tenacity was directed at measuring IQ tests. In fact many of these tests using geometric shapes, figures, and thus measure intelligence especially mathematics. Certainly there are times when determining IQ specialists help to adopt a particular therapeutic route for one person but the common sense to establish this factor should not be practiced.

Those who have a logical-mathematical intelligence can be performers in the areas of calculus, the rules of scientific principles. Ability to think logically-mathematically can be successfully used in brokerage, banking, management, science, commerce, IT, etc.. Musical intelligence is the skill to perform, create, to appreciate music. This intelligence is met the singers or instrumentalists, dancers, actors, composers, etc..

Bodily-kinesthetic intelligence refers to the potential of using the whole body or body parts to solve problems, to make sport, to make clothing creations. There are people who have a special skill in the use their hands or feet or body as a whole to express, create, perform. Such people are athletes, chefs, designers, surgeons, actors, mass, chiropractors or have technical professions. Spatial intelligence is the potential to recognize and work with models of large spaces or areas clearly defined. Is the capacity of analysis and of synthesis. This ability is usually specific to men. Spatial intelligence can help any type of project or policy.

Interpersonal intelligence or intelligence with people, show the person's ability to understand the intentions, motivations, desires of people and how they manage to work effectively with people. To some extent intelligent people is characterized by an empathic capacity. Empathy is the ability of a person to feel and understand the feelings and thoughts unique subjective another person. Psychologist Alfred Adler said that you can "see with his eyes, his ears can hear and can feel his heart". Also, interpersonal intelligence may be associated with more emotional intelligence discussed. People endowed with such intelligence can be psychologists, human resources specialists, doctors, sociologists, priests, confessors. Such professionals should see man as a whole, indivisible, and understand that parts of this whole are interdependent and can’t be judged separately. So it is with intelligence. You can’t understand how a man is clever if judge, measure, calculate it separately from the operation of general ability.

Intrapersonal intelligence involves the ability to understand oneself, to have a model including their desires, fears, abilities and use it to do it better to others. An example usage of this type of intelligence is meditation.

Natural intelligence refers to the recognition and classification of flora, fauna, creatures the world law enforcement, care and talent to interact with different creatures. This intelligence helps people deal with farming, the care and study of plants, animals, the study of natural phenomena, relief, or who want to deal with research in the field. People gifted with this intelligence may be good biologists, trainers, etc. meteorologists.

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8 types of intelligence

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