When Intelligence Agencies Try to Make a Deal With Think Tanks

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Intelligence agencies and think tanks go way back. Often intelligence agencies use think tanks to help them propel their message, sometimes by giving out misdirection and sometimes by providing information that will change the political ambitions of an opponent. But think tanks need to be very careful when working with intelligence agencies and let me tell you why.

Sometimes intelligence agencies will come to make a deal with the think tank and they will say; "We will give you confidential information, but you promise not to disclose it." This is a deal you should never make if you are running a think tank because first of all, intelligence agencies are very good at lying and they're liable to give you all kinds of information that isn't even true.

Sometimes they may give you information that someone said, but they haven't verified yet, or that they know to be untrue even if someone said it, even if you can verify that had been said. Worse, intelligence agencies will often give think tanks information they consider to be confidential, but it isn't confidential at all. And they may give you information that you can read in foreign affairs magazine, the economist, or watch on Al Jazeera. It's not secret or confidential.

Often, people in Washington DC who work for the government will be told that something is confidential and they can't discuss it. I've often been in coffee shops and I will mention something, and they say I can't talk about that, it is confidential. Interesting I will tell them; because I learned about this from an e-mail alert, I got from a government agency two weeks ago.

The fact is there are not many secrets in the world and secrets don't last very long on the Internet and even if they tell you something is confidential that doesn't mean it's not a show up tomorrow. So who needs them, not your think tank; matter of fact, they need you and your knowledge, not the other way around. And if you do associate with them, you'll just get used to serve their political will and if you let them that's your fault. Please consider all this.

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When Intelligence Agencies Try to Make a Deal With Think Tanks

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This article was published on 2010/03/31
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